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Happy New Year! Its a new year and my resolution is to blog again! We really haven't been up to much. Kayla is walking and talking alot more and Julia is almost 3 if that tells you anything. hehe. I'm putting a few pics from Christmas and colts pics (Brandon's Aunt and Uncle got them cheerleader outfits for Christmas.)

This has to be one my favorite picture of her!
I guess i don't have to tell you how spoiled they are!
(you cant even see the stuff that Santa brought)

POSER! She loves her dollhouse!
Thanks Nana and Papaw

Kayla kinda got into it but not really.

O a Tinkerbell doll! Santa knows her well!

Snow White didn't want her picture taken.


Our Fam

Laughing at Julia

So Sweet!
Well i hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yeah I'm still here! I thought Halloween might be a good time to start blogging again. We had a great one! Its a tradition that we (my bro's and sister and their family) go to my moms for chili and trick or treat in her neighborhood. All the cousins get together for some candy! Then we went to trick or treat at Brandon's mom and dads. (i think they thought it was Christmas or something). They got pj's sippy cups, socks, candy and play doh. Anyway i waited until the last minute to get Kayla's costume because i thought that Julia's ladybug outfit was going to fit her and it didn't. I had the hardest time finding anything! so my last resort was the second hand store and guess what? There i found this flower bib thing for $1.50! I was SO excited. it was perfect for her since she wasn't really trick or treating! Julia told me like 2 months ago she wanted to be a cat, she never changed her mind even after looking at all the other costumes. Se was the cutest cat EVER! She really enjoyed it this year (exp with Addie).
Kayla's 1st Birthday is next week so ill post pics then!

She thinks she's going to eat that candy she has in her hand.

This was the best pic i could get of the two of them.
The last thing they wanted to do was take pictures.
Now this is the cutest cat and mouse I've ever seen!

Cousins (Zach was Toad from Mario bros.)

here kitty kitty kitty

i just thought this was funny!
(at old navy)
Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So last night Julia and I were laying in bed going to sleep and this is the conversation that we had...
Julia- "Mommy"
Me- "yeah"
Julia- "i love you"
Me- "i love you too baby" (tear)
Julia- "sweet dreams"
Me- "aw sweet dreams to you too"
A little while passes..
Julia gets up leans over and kisses me on the cheek! (lots of tears at this point)
Anyway i am thankful for my wonderful, beautiful, healthy children!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tents and much more!

Hello, i know i haven't blogged in forever but i didn't really have much to blog about until last weekend. and Julia has been sick so i haven't had time to blog either. But we are all doing well, Kayla is getting so big i cant believe it, she will be 1 in alittle over a month. i have been debating what i want to do her party in and trying to find the perfect cake, she went to the doctor the other day and she weighed 19lbs 6oz and is healthy as can be! Julia is still Julia, some of the stuff she does we just cant believe, so smart its crazy! She has even went few nights with panties on instead of a diaper and hasn't wet the bed so I'm really excited about that too! We had a really really busy weekend last weekend i have some photos of some of the stuff we did, but the one thing i really wanted to take pictures at was the circus, but my camera was dead when i got there! i was so mad! Brandon's sisters husband won tickets on the radio and they didn't want to go so Brandon, Julia, Danny (Brandon's Dad) and myself went. It was my first circus. Julia loved it and we had a really good time too.

One night Brandon made this tent for the girls, Julia loves tents. We all layed in it and watched Beauty and the Beast. He used every blanket and chair we had!

Hi Girls!
Kayla in the tent.

And this was about half way thru the movie.

One of the girls i work with got married last weekend, It was a beautiful wedding and the weather couldn't have been any better. The kids had a blast dancing and Dana looked so beautiful! Congratulations Duggars your so cute together!
Them in the carriage.

These are the silly girls i work with! I love them!
(its fuzzy though, sorry)

SOME of the PDW kids with the Bride

LOVE this picture!
Its Julia and Jillian at the wedding.

After we left the wedding a little early we had to go Addie's Birthday party (which was all Julia was talking about for WEEKS) It was at the Flip Zone, so of course the kids loved that! It was a nice party and there were ALOT of people there and she got ALOT of presents!

Julia hula hooping (or at least trying)

Addie with her cake
Happy 3rd Birthday Addie!
I really didn't get alot of pictures at the party like i wanted because within a 6 hour period i was at a wedding and a birthday party with both kids and i was exhausted!
Well I'm done for now